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Bulova Limited Edition Meteorite Dial 96A312

23rd May 2024

Bulova Limited Edition Meteorite Dial 96A312

The Bulova Men's Meteorite Dial 96A312 is a unique addition to any watch collection, featuring 5,000 individually distinctive meteorite dials. It’s a commemorative timepiece that’s nods to Bulova’s involvement in space exploration history. The natural variation in the meteorite texture ensures that no two watches are alike, offering a truly unique piece for each owner. Priced under $3,000, this watch presents a remarkable value, especially given its exceptional dial work typically found in much more expensive timepieces.

The execution of the meteorite dial is impressive. The 43.5mm sandblasted titanium case, combined with the meteorite dial, creates a sophisticated yet rugged look. The triple register display and concentric patterns on the sub-dials are carried over from the standard black Lunar Pilot, but the meteorite edition transforms the aesthetic. The markers and hands, surrounded by the grey meteorite dial, appear as stark floating white elements, evoking a sense of zero gravity.

96a312 image

The tachymeter scale also sees a significant update. Unlike the original gloss black with white printing, this edition features a tone-on-tone design with raised dark grey text, adding a textured contrast that complements the lunar surface motif of the internal bezel.

96a312 meteorite dial

Additional features include the signed crown, Bulova chronograph pushers, and an engraved caseback depicting the Apollo 15 mission. Paired with a leather NATO-style strap, the Bulova 96A312 is a standout timepiece that merges historical significance with modern craftsmanship.

Our take on the 96A312

Unique Dial: The most striking aspect is the dial crafted from genuine Muonionalusta meteorite, a 4.5-billion-year-old space rock found in Scandinavia. The meteorite's crystalline patterns make each watch one-of-a-kind.

Legacy Design: The watch draws inspiration from the Bulova chronograph worn by an astronaut during the Apollo 15 moon landing in 1971. It retains the classic pilot chronograph look with a six-hand display.

Modern Quartz Movement: While the design is vintage, Bulova equips the watch with their high-precision quartz movement boasting accuracy of seconds per year.

Limited Edition: Only 5,000 of these watches were produced with only 50 making it to our shores, making them highly collectible.

Price: The retail price is $2,999 AUD.

Purchase Considerations:

Quartz vs. Automatic: This watch uses a battery-powered quartz movement, unlike some higher-end automatic watches that rely on self-winding mechanisms. Quartz offers high accuracy but may not hold the same appeal for watch enthusiasts who prefer automatics. In saying that, there wont be a serious collector out there without a requisite number of Quartz watches in their collection.

Limited Edition Price: The price point reflects the exclusivity of the watch, but you might find similar chronograph functionalities from Bulova at a lower price. The rarity of the meteorite dial input and the time required to work on and the wastage in the manufacturing process is what adds to the cost but then again….what price history!

Overall, the Bulova Lunar Pilot 96A312 is a conversation starter for those who appreciate unique timepieces and space history. The meteorite dial and historical connection make it a special watch, but the price and quartz movement might not suit everyone.

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